Multi Currency Converter Demo

Multi Currency Converter is the professional currency converter for WooCommerce. With 170+ currencies supported, you can approach & please international customers, thereby driving your global E-commerce sales. 

The Plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and even third-party Apps (like Mini Cart App).

The app size is extremely small, only 20kb. This will help optimize your shop’s performance.

The links below are Key Features that helps you to easier get what the Multi Currency can help you and how it looks like on your Shop:

Smart Converter when hovering.

Customers can hover on the price and the Smart Currency Converter will appear.

Multi Currency Convert works well with a Third-Party Plugin.

For example: We are using Woo Minicart  — a third-party WordPress plugin. Please click on Add To Cart button, You will see the Price is convert automatically on the Woo Minicart.

Auto-Update currency conversion based on customer geographic location.

While browsing your products, international visitors now can see the price in their domestic currency. In case they wish to know the original price, they can absolutely do so by hovering over the price. The toolbar will also appear for them to convert currency. 

Come with 6 unique Switcher Control styles

Our app come with 6 different type of switchers allowed you to choose which is the best-looking one on your website.

Place the Currency Converter MyShopKit toolbar in the header or any corner of your shop.

Not confined to the header, the toolbar can be repositioned based on your shop design.